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  1. Vagabond Dan says:

    Hey you wild bunch seagoing texans!! It was nice meeting y’all at the cove today! You make feel not as crazy for doing what im doing 🙂 I hope y’all have most amazing adventures and really soak up every bit of it!! If you get this in time I think you’d really like stopping at Fort McRee right before

    • Vagabond Dan says:

      Pensacola pass. There’s a nice anchorage cove on the northeastern point of the peninsula in big lagoon. It’s a deep calm cove with an awesome beach and old WWII fort. Bring your flashlight (and shoes) it be the perfect “last stop” before the long haul south! Cheers

  2. Howard & Peggy says:

    Wow, March is a big month for the Hogan family to celebrate. Happy Birthday Connor and Zachary! Happy Anniversary Mark and Ruth! We miss you so very much. Howard & Peggy

  3. Phyllis, Jim and Jinxie... says:

    Hey guys enjoying your post but no mention were you are at, would love to know… looks like you all are having alot of fun and adventures… keep in touch…

  4. Mattie Andre says:

    Oh my gosh….you guys are incredible for taking this crazy journey. You guys look like you are all having the time of your lives. It’s breath-taking to see all those pictures and see how much all of you have changed and grown up! It doesn’t seem like long ago when I would go over to hang out with you all when I would get out of school – crazy how fast time goes by. I really hope that you guys continue to have fun on your adventure and seeing the beauty that God created. I will be sure to keep an eye on this to see the amazing things you are experiencing.

    I really hope to hear from you guys sometime soon(:

    Your old loving neighbor,

  5. Emerson says:

    Emerson Bustamante • 2 months ago −
    I got the chance to meet Marina Morgan the author of these interesting articles while on a trip to the riviera Maya, Mexico. This sweet spirited girl joined us for some epic adventures in Chichen Itza and some amazing looking cenotes as well as Tulum. If you get the chance to read this note just know that we would love to get in contact with you. The crew would love to hear from you.

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