Fabulous Friends!

I want to take a moment to reflect on the many friends we’ve made as we near the one year anniversary of our adventure. It has been amazing to us how full the world is of awesome, kind, and generous people. In addition it has been even more wonderful to be able to meet and call so many friends!

One of the greatest challenges of this cruising lifestyle is having to say goodbye to friends, first the ones we left behind and then the ones we make along the way. Yet, the better lesson we’ve learned is that “goodbyes” are really just “see you laters”. We are no longer able to recount how many times we’ve bid adieu to a person thinking we would not meet again and then a week, month or several months later you hear their voice calling out in the darkness for directions to the local dinghy dock. Surprise Elad is here!  That happened just a night past and again for the 3rd time we are together in a new anchorage and new country. Last week a strangers dinghy pulled up to our boat with a friend from Isla Mujeres (plus 2 new friends, this is how friends multiply), what a joy!  And next week we will see the whole boat full of buddies in Panama City. (If you remember the blog about sailboat racing these are those friends!)

Someday I will tell the many tales of the kindnesses we’ve received from so many along the way but, for now I will post some of the pictures of those that we’re grateful to know!  Thanks to all we’ve shown in pictures here and all of you who we’ve either forgotten to photograph or didn’t have time to include here!


Isla Grande PictureLeah!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMac & JeffIngoAunt Joyce & cousins100_2821

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New Blog Address Link

Hi All,

We are now continuing our blog at another address.  Soon we will link this web address to our new blog site, until then this will remain static. The address to our new blog is:


Just click on link and voila you’re there!

We’re writing at least one post a day!  Check it out!

Thanks for joining us & Many Blessings :o)

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A Lot Of Water Under Our Keel!

Proof positive, we're still afloat!

Proof positive, we’re still afloat!

So much change, so much distance! We have sailed many miles since our last post, not to mention our primary blogger, Marina, has left us for new horizons in Boston, Massachusetts. All this has been a great adjustment and education for us all.

Zach is now taking Marina’s watches on passages and our primary deck hand, handling all lines when underway, while Sara and Kathryn fill in when he needs a break.  Sara is now “Galley Master”, cooking breakfast most mornings and overseeing all aspects of galley maintenance.  Kathryn keeps the main salon clean and orderly (a big, neverending job). Hannah, Connor and Bella are helping in all areas when requested. Connor’s favorite jobs are fishing and diving on the anchor to make sure it is set. Hannah is our ukelele playing entertainment. Bella likes to create arts and craft messes.  All in all we have adjusted to our abbreviated crew well, as if  8 people on a 41 foot boat is a short crew! Haha!

Prissy works hard at sailing!

Prissy works hard at sailing!

When Marina last posted we were in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  We had the best passage yet  from there to Utilla, Honduras.  It took us 3 nights and 2 1/2 days of sailing to make this leg of our journey.  It was awesome to turn off the engine and sail at over 6 knots most of the way.  We had beautiful sunrises and sunsets not to mention just a couple of mild squalls.  We were also equipped with Cinarizina, a sea sickness remedy that can be purchased in Mexico and has very little side effects, so we had no sea sickness! What a treat!

Our favorite fisherman getting dinner!  We've had black fin tuna, king mackerel, mahi-mahi, and wahoo.  Wahoo is our favorite!

Our favorite fisherman getting dinner! We’ve had black fin tuna, king mackerel, mahi-mahi, and wahoo. Wahoo is our favorite!

We stayed in Utilla for 3 very busy weeks. Great island to visit, just take your coconut oil for protection against the sand flies (which we didn’t know and a couple of us got eaten up).  Check in was easy and cheap, a far cry from Mexico’s complicated process. We met lots of great people and ate good, very affordable food so we were able to eat out often, which we loved. Later we will post a detailed account of our time on this lovely island!

Sailing to Roatan only took half a day and though we were beating against a fairly strong wind the sail was still sunny and enjoyable.  When we arrived at French Harbor the channel buoys were gone (stolen by fishermen apparently) and the sun was behind a cloud so we found a fellow sailor to lead us through the channel, thanks to “It’s Good To Be” for your help! Our 4 days in Roatan were spent enjoying the resort life on 2 little islands, one known as Fantasy Island and the other as Little French Caye (currently the #1 destination for Roatan on tripadvisor.com) where they have a small animal sanctuary. 

Our sturdy blue dinghy gets us to shore and back in paradise!

Our sturdy blue dinghy gets us to shore and back in paradise!

The kids got to play with baby spider monkeys and baby jaguars, another amazing experience we will expound upon later, let’s just say it was a once in a lifetime moment!
Wow!  Real live jaguar cubs!

Wow! Real live jaguar cubs!


Another half day sail and we arrived on the most beutiful of the 3 Bay Islands, Guanaja. On our first night we met the very friendly German community living in the bay. Our stay on this island was a full month as we had to wait for a good weather window to sail eastward. We spent a week and a half at Michael’s Rock anchored out alone. From there we snorkled beautiful reefs and hiked to an incredible waterfall.



In general life on this island was the most inconvenient as the main town was a 30 minute dinghy ride but this kept the tourists away and the island more pristine. If you come to Guanaja you must visit the restaurant Manati, they have the best German food in the western hemisphere. We really miss the friends we made there (Klaus, Annetta, Roland, Hans, Hannis, Hansito, John Smith and Gar) and thank them profoundly for their hospitality! Another story all by itself.
A precious moment caught'!

A precious moment caught’!

After a fabulous month we finally got our weather window to Isla Providencia which is off the coast of Nicaragua but part of Colombia. We beat into the weather for 4 days to get there. Not a fun trip but not dangerous either. Saw the most beautiful sunrise yet on this stretch.

Awesome sunrise! Amazing colors! The joy of the last watch is dawn's 1st light.

Awesome sunrise! Amazing colors! The joy of the last watch is dawn’s 1st light.

We only stayed one night because too expensive for a one week stay. Left at first light, after a good nights sleep, to Bocas Del Toro, Panama. The most exciting moment on this stretch was a 1 a.m. big bang then whack, whack, whack!! The topping lift had broken and the boom was trying it’s best to scrape our solar panels off the bimini! Of course I’m dead asleep, running on deck, bleary eyed, lightning, thunder and rain, what fun. Got Zach up to steer while Mark and I were at either end of the boom, one stabilizing, the other lowering the main to use the main halyard as a makeshift topping lift. Soon enough, we were sopping wet but the problem was solved and we were able to re-secure the solar panel that was knocked askew. The children, who had all awoken to the excitement, were all back in bed and we were under sail, at a brisk rate, with only the jib. We made it safely to Bocas in 2 1/2 days. It was the first time we took no medicine for seasickness and nobody even got a hint of sick!!! I think we have finally fully adjusted to life at sea!

We will rest here, in Bocas, for awhile, clean ship, finish school, fill in our blog with gritty details and explore the abundant islands surrounding us. Thanks for reading and for your patience! The sailing life is great fun and adventure but very busy too and somehow technology gets lost in the necessities of life (those kids all expect to eat regularly) and boat maintenance. Fair winds and following seas until we post again!

This guy knows how to live recycling!

This guy knows how to live recycling!

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The Tyranical Dinosaur

The Tyranical Dinosaur

Sara and I almost got attacked by a docile iguana, yes it may have just been lously laying on the sidewalk, but I swear if I would have taken a step closer he was going to bite my head off- at least that’s the excuse I made for the scream that I passed through Sara’s lips!

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Mommy Getting Frisky

Mommy Getting Frisky

During the time that Mom and Kathryn journeyed across the bay, for a reason that turned out pointless, and met some scoundrels along the way. Kat captured the image while mom was moving in for the kill, who knew she liked the man with the wooden leg?

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An Underwater Exploration.

An Underwater Exploration.

Near the spot, where our anchor finally held (long story, even longer night), there’s a place where the water is less than three feet. In this spot the kids love to see what the water has in the middle of the bay, with the life vests off and the feet on the ground.

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I See a Saw!!

I See a Saw!!

After searching, and finding locked parks, we finally discovered a place for the minions to exert some of their pent up energy. All but Zach, who decided to miss the fun and remain on the boat, missed out on with the seesaw!

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Our Little Popeye Eating a Banana

Our Little Popeye Eating a Banana

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Want to Get Fit?

Want to be more conscious about what you eat, and get a workout without trying?  Then our boat is the place for you!  Though living on a boat in such small quarters makes setting up a treadmill or an elliptical bike impossible, and with only being able to run so many laps around the deck, conventional physical activity is limited.  A daily routine is essential to a happy boat so we wake you up at 7 (depending on what time zone) in the morning; this is after working a four hour night shift at the wheel.  The smell of eggs and potatoes brings you into the world of rocking and rolling once more, and another day has begun.  The dinner consumed the night before, of Baked Beans and Toast, is nothing but a memory in your growling tummy.  Consuming every last bite and filling your tummy, you lay back and watch the water flow by.  After getting a bit woozy from the constant movement your breakfast may resurface, no longer looking, or smelling, as appetizing as before.  With an abyss in your stomach, a pop tart seems like an easy snack, and is quickly consumed before the incoming squall hits. 

“Grab the halyard and pull” mom shouts over the screaming wind and a flapping sail.   In attempting to not get thrown overboard you quickly check that your vest is connected to the life line and squeeze the mast with your knees.  With each pitch and roll you attempt to stay as up right as possible, using every stomach muscle that you didn’t even know existed.  If you don’t feel challenged enough remember that line mom asked you to pull, well by golly you better pull!!  Heave Ho, the entire force of the wind feels against you as you attempt to lift it a quarter of an inch.  With legs sore, stomach tense, and no feeling in your arms, I assure you the salt water crashing over the bow and soaking you once more is only encouragement for what a great job you’re doing, and is only meant to refresh your weary limbs.  You fall into the cockpit, glad to escape the open terror, and are greeted with the handing off of the wheel so you can steer giving the bone weary parents a break.  Afraid to eat anything of substance you open the V8 and grab a hand full of almonds.  But make sure whatever you put into your mouth you chew fully, for there’s a possibility it might not stay down for long.  So you see we are very conscious with what we eat, and a workout just comes with the job.  So if you ever want to get fit just move aboard, I assure you won’t leave disappointed, if you survive the first three days!

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Zach- The Temptation of Land

As we sailed away from Key West into the Gulf of Mexico all I could thing bout was LAND.  As we went further and further away it quickly grew on me, like a barnacles on the bottom of a boat, worrying if we were ever going to see land again.  The boat rocked back in forth repetitively and I started to think that the boat was going to flip.  Finally after the longest three days of my life Palm trees and hotels came into view.  I was SO relieved when I saw land that I almost jumped over board and swam to shore, but seeing that the boat was headed to where my eyes wandered, I chose the dryer route and stayed aboard.  When I helped drop anchor all I wanted to ask was “if we could go to shore now” but knowing that we were in a different country, Mexico, we would have to check in first.  As I was stuck on the boat for more time than I ever wanted, the anxiety I was feeling had no cure, except for solid ground itself.  So instead of satisfying my want for sand and socialization I put on my swim trunks and swam around the boat.  When I climbed back up the swim ladder, resting on the deck once more, my thoughts traveled a short dinghy ride to land.  But alas I was stuck, and on the boat I stayed.  When finally alighting upon my blessed savior, the beach, I found Mexico lively and I had fun showing off my one semester of Spanish.

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