Want to Get Fit?

Want to be more conscious about what you eat, and get a workout without trying?  Then our boat is the place for you!  Though living on a boat in such small quarters makes setting up a treadmill or an elliptical bike impossible, and with only being able to run so many laps around the deck, conventional physical activity is limited.  A daily routine is essential to a happy boat so we wake you up at 7 (depending on what time zone) in the morning; this is after working a four hour night shift at the wheel.  The smell of eggs and potatoes brings you into the world of rocking and rolling once more, and another day has begun.  The dinner consumed the night before, of Baked Beans and Toast, is nothing but a memory in your growling tummy.  Consuming every last bite and filling your tummy, you lay back and watch the water flow by.  After getting a bit woozy from the constant movement your breakfast may resurface, no longer looking, or smelling, as appetizing as before.  With an abyss in your stomach, a pop tart seems like an easy snack, and is quickly consumed before the incoming squall hits. 

“Grab the halyard and pull” mom shouts over the screaming wind and a flapping sail.   In attempting to not get thrown overboard you quickly check that your vest is connected to the life line and squeeze the mast with your knees.  With each pitch and roll you attempt to stay as up right as possible, using every stomach muscle that you didn’t even know existed.  If you don’t feel challenged enough remember that line mom asked you to pull, well by golly you better pull!!  Heave Ho, the entire force of the wind feels against you as you attempt to lift it a quarter of an inch.  With legs sore, stomach tense, and no feeling in your arms, I assure you the salt water crashing over the bow and soaking you once more is only encouragement for what a great job you’re doing, and is only meant to refresh your weary limbs.  You fall into the cockpit, glad to escape the open terror, and are greeted with the handing off of the wheel so you can steer giving the bone weary parents a break.  Afraid to eat anything of substance you open the V8 and grab a hand full of almonds.  But make sure whatever you put into your mouth you chew fully, for there’s a possibility it might not stay down for long.  So you see we are very conscious with what we eat, and a workout just comes with the job.  So if you ever want to get fit just move aboard, I assure you won’t leave disappointed, if you survive the first three days!

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