Zach- The Temptation of Land

As we sailed away from Key West into the Gulf of Mexico all I could thing bout was LAND.  As we went further and further away it quickly grew on me, like a barnacles on the bottom of a boat, worrying if we were ever going to see land again.  The boat rocked back in forth repetitively and I started to think that the boat was going to flip.  Finally after the longest three days of my life Palm trees and hotels came into view.  I was SO relieved when I saw land that I almost jumped over board and swam to shore, but seeing that the boat was headed to where my eyes wandered, I chose the dryer route and stayed aboard.  When I helped drop anchor all I wanted to ask was “if we could go to shore now” but knowing that we were in a different country, Mexico, we would have to check in first.  As I was stuck on the boat for more time than I ever wanted, the anxiety I was feeling had no cure, except for solid ground itself.  So instead of satisfying my want for sand and socialization I put on my swim trunks and swam around the boat.  When I climbed back up the swim ladder, resting on the deck once more, my thoughts traveled a short dinghy ride to land.  But alas I was stuck, and on the boat I stayed.  When finally alighting upon my blessed savior, the beach, I found Mexico lively and I had fun showing off my one semester of Spanish.

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1 Response to Zach- The Temptation of Land

  1. Amanda & Josh Putnam says:

    Hi Zach! Glad you made it to Mexico. Happy Belated birthday! Stay cool! Josh Putnam

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