Sara- Spontaneous Singing on the Bow

I was feeling kind of woozy and sick and all that, but when I go up on the bough I feel better.  So one evening I went up on the bow, and all my sisters came up to join me, with the goal of keeping me entertained.  While talking Marina sporadically started singing a tune of da da danum da da danum dun dun…..  (The tune to Tom’s Diner Written by Suzanne Vega & D.N.A) and we started to replace the words with our own personal desires and fantasies.  When we started to sing I didn’t feel so bad anymore.  “I can’t wait to see land” was one line Marina sang and we all whooped and shouted in agreement.  Hannah sang “I want the best cheese enchiladas in the world” which once more brought a loud agreement and a chorus of laughter, other snippets sung where about hot Mexican boys, no more sea sickness, and having to go clean the boat.  Unthankfully the the sun set and we had to go make dinner, ending our fun for the moment, but the memory shall for ever live on. 

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1 Response to Sara- Spontaneous Singing on the Bow

  1. Amanda & Josh Putnam says:

    Hi Sara! Saying Happy Birthday for April 5th! Glad ya’ll made it to Mexico. I miss you!!
    Love, Amanda

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