Kathryn- Sleeping= My Cure For Not Getting Sea Sick!

I like sleeping because when I do I tend not to throw up or get nauseous.  I think the reason for this is because when I’m sleeping I don’t feel anything, and I don’t feel the amount of rocking as when I’m awake.  It also feels like it goes a lot faster, and I get to dream about pretty things.  I dream about Blanco, and all my friends that I miss dearly, and horses, which is hard to ride while on the ocean.  I dream about church and cake- oh how I dream of food.  Icecream and cheeseburgers dance through my dream, which is kind of ironic, considering I just spent the last five minutes puking my lunch into the toilet.  Once after Hannah told a “scary” story, of a food monster, I dreamed my own personal food monster attacking me, and he was composed of all the food that I wanted.  Once I had a nightmare about math; there was papers everywhere, and Zach’s head kept getting in the way so I couldn’t see the math problems, and I was scared I was going to fail my test because I couldn’t write down the equations- and NO I’m not that big of a nerd! While sleeping I feel like it goes faster because while I’m asleep time has no meaning, and I can sleep forever.  Never have I had a problem getting to sleep at night- and I always manage to fall asleep while on my night shift with Marina, the best sister in the world!!

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