Hannah- The 4 that Got Away

It was really exciting when they yelled that a fish had been caught.  I wanted to get in the dinghy, but I knew that Daddy was going to fling the fish in there, such as he did last time.  And then in the 3 minutes that Dad was trying to reel in the fish, I had this feeling that was really exciting.  But in those minutes after the fish let go I just started to not feel as excited, I just turned back and started looking at the waves again.  And then when I heard that Dad had hooked the next fish, I just KNEW he was going to catch this one.  Anyway and then I told myself, “ I know what we’re having for lunch” but then he reeled it in, but the fish let go once more, leaving us with an empty hook.  But I know it wasn’t Dad’s fault, it was just an accident.  And now I really know that catching a fish is really hard, I think I’m gonna learn a bit more before I begin catching my own fish.  Then the next morning, when I saw Daddy start to cast the fishing poles out I just knew that he was going to catch a fish today, I just knew it.  But then I began to feel sick, and then a couple minutes later Connor came out, and I was feeling really bad, even worse that when I was in Miss Kip’s class in 3rd grade and began to feel sick.  So when I leaned over the side, and looked at the waves, though it really wasn’t helping that much, and in 30 seconds I knew I was going to be really sick.  I continued to look out, but then it happened…. I puked.  Then about an hour later Daddy had hooked the next fish, and I knew not to jump in the dinghy, but it was such a good seat.  Dad was down below cooking breakfast when the line stated going, and the line just kept running and running, finally he came out, and took hold of the pole.  He started reeling in the 60 or so feet of line that had gone out, and the fish was still on it.  The fish wasn’t tugging as hard as expected and I wondered if another fish had come up and eaten the fish that was on the hook, and left only the head connected.  But when we reeled in the hook, the entire fish had come off.  The first three fish that we caught all seemed to look the same; there must be a lot of that kind of fish in the Ocean.  At about lunch time the line started running once more, and now I really really was just wondering if we’d actually catch this one.  I could tell that Dad felt confident in catching him this time.  We were going at a speed of about 7 knots, and when we lost another one, dad thought it was because we were going too fast, and was creating too much tension on the line, so he said to mom “that next time we catch a fish we should turn off the motor.”  But another chance never arose, and we got to Mexico with no more big fish stories. 

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