Connor- Baby Dolphins, & Other Local Wildlife

I liked seeing the baby dolphins at sunset.  There was more than four, I couldn’t tell exactly how many there were, because they were swimming to fast, and kept jumping out of the water.  Only once did one jump fully out of the water. And seeing it I thought it was really pretty.  And I got very excited.  They were swimming and jumping on the Port side of our boat.  They swam with us for what felt like a long time, but I’m not sure exactly how long.  I can’t wait till I get the opportunity to swim with a real live dolphin.

We saw whales far off on our port side, Dad spotted them first, and we all ran up to look.  All I could see of the whale was the back, and saw him spew water out of his blowhole.

“JELLY FISH!!!” Whenever all the girls and I were sitting on the port side of the deck we were seeing how many jelly fish we could spot.  Every time someone spotted it first would scream “JELLY FISH” and point to where it was floating on the surface. Seeing the jelly fish was so much fun, we’d also scream out “SEAWEED, BUBBLES, WAVES, SALT, WATER….” and pretty much just screamed in general. 

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