Bella- It’s Been Really FUN!!

I like seeing all the whales, they were really cool.  All the big tails, and while watching them I didn’t feel seasick.  And it was really fun when we were in the Gulf of Mexico, and though it got rough it was really fun.  And it’s been really fun sailing on the ocean, and it’s been so fun getting to see the whales and all that stuff.  And I love sailing around the world to all the fun islands. And mom and Dad were right when the bad storm happened, I don’t know where, and it scared me to death that our boat was going to flip. And I’ve seen a lot of beautiful fish, and I hope to catch a dolphin fish one day, because it would be really fun to catch one.  And it would be so much fun to touch a dolphin, and see a stingray.  It would be so fun to see all the things I haven’t seen yet, and it will be so much fun to go to all the islands and have fun.  And it’s been so long that I haven’t seen land in a really long time, except now I’ve seen land.  And I like it when people come over to our boat, and I love to see people, but I haven’t gotten to see a lot a lot of people since we’ve been living on the boat.  And I love seeing all the baby dolphins, they were really adorable, especially when the sun was going down. I wish mom had taken a picture of it, because it was so pretty.  And I hope I see a stingray in the wild, and I really really hope to see all kinds of whales, mommy dolphins, and baby dolphins.  And it’s been really fun, and I could just go on forever without getting bored, but Marina’s supposed to make lunch now, so I’m gonna stop talking.  But in case you didn’t get the message, it’s been REALLY REALLY FUN!!!!

Spoken by Bella, translated by Marina

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