Zachary’s Birthday!!!!

Spending half the morning cleaning the bathroom, I invited Zach to come spend some quality time with me- he scrubbing the door and I wiping the floor.  After a few wipes he seemed to hightail it out of there, leaving me to listen to yet another album alone.  Thankfully even though cleaning and organizing was our main objective on March 16th, we also accomplished a very delicious 15th anniversary of Zach’s life.

Getting ready to venture off to the Yucatan Peninsula we have to insure that our home is battened down, or else it becomes a test of you reflexes and how quick you can dunk what ever the shelves feel like tossing your way.  After we organized our morning away, and half the afternoon, we turned to the galley- and the concoctions that weren’t gonna make themselves.  The boxed cake didn’t appear to menacing, so we allowed Sara and Zachary the task of baking, not the best of combinations.  The boat didn’t burn down, and the cake actually didn’t turn out to bad…. just kidding it was amazing, and they did an awesome job!!!  If chocolate was what we were going for, then they would have made a chocoholic get a sugar rush.  

Cheeseburgers were prepared, complimentary dad.  Our birthday guests off Katrina, Mr. and Mrs. Gusev, came bearing a Beet Soup- from their home country of Russia- and a Sunflower seed dessert, which creation I want to remake.  We toasted our sparkling grape juice, complete with plastic wineglasses, to Zach’s health and another 15 years of glorious life. That night Zachary and I talked and laughed until about 2 in the morning, mom even joined us for a time.  Though we’ve had our differences and challenges, there’s no doubt that he’s my little brother, though he’s almost taller than I, and I shall always, plan, on loving him!!

And now we depart early this morning with a full tummy of fruit salad and left overs.  A little tired, but the winds seem good, and the weather’s promising for the next 3 days.  Keep us in your prayers as we cross the Gulf Stream, and onto Mexico!!  

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3 Responses to Zachary’s Birthday!!!!

  1. Amanda & Josh Putnam says:

    Happy Birthday Zachary & Conner. We are enjoying your blog! God speed to the Yucatan! It was great talking to Sara.

  2. Phyllis, Jim and Jinxie... says:

    Well it looks like you all are haveing a blast! so much to see and experiance and so much more to come ahead. So sorry we missed your Mom and Dads call this last time, but I am sure they understand about that boat stuff! lol! Please tell them to keep in touch. May you have fare wind and Sunny skies! Phyllis, Jim and Jinxie…

  3. Maria says:

    Hi Zachary, what a wonderful way to great your 15 Birthday !!!
    We would like to get in touch with your grandparents in Texas, we misplaced his phone # and address. Good luck with the crew… we love reading about you all, very inspiring, Love, The Olmedo’s.

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