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Fabulous Friends!

I want to take a moment to reflect on the many friends we’ve made as we near the one year anniversary of our adventure. It has been amazing to us how full the world is of awesome, kind, and generous … Continue reading

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New Blog Address Link

Hi All, We are now continuing our blog at another address.  Soon we will link this web address to our new blog site, until then this will remain static. The address to our new blog is: Just click on … Continue reading

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A Lot Of Water Under Our Keel!

So much change, so much distance! We have sailed many miles since our last post, not to mention our primary blogger, Marina, has left us for new horizons in Boston, Massachusetts. All this has been a great adjustment and education … Continue reading

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The Tyranical Dinosaur

Sara and I almost got attacked by a docile iguana, yes it may have just been lously laying on the sidewalk, but I swear if I would have taken a step closer he was going to bite my head off- … Continue reading

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Mommy Getting Frisky

During the time that Mom and Kathryn journeyed across the bay, for a reason that turned out pointless, and met some scoundrels along the way. Kat captured the image while mom was moving in for the kill, who knew she … Continue reading

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An Underwater Exploration.

Near the spot, where our anchor finally held (long story, even longer night), there’s a place where the water is less than three feet. In this spot the kids love to see what the water has in the middle of … Continue reading

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I See a Saw!!

After searching, and finding locked parks, we finally discovered a place for the minions to exert some of their pent up energy. All but Zach, who decided to miss the fun and remain on the boat, missed out on with … Continue reading

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Our Little Popeye Eating a Banana

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Want to Get Fit?

Want to be more conscious about what you eat, and get a workout without trying?  Then our boat is the place for you!  Though living on a boat in such small quarters makes setting up a treadmill or an elliptical … Continue reading

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Zach- The Temptation of Land

As we sailed away from Key West into the Gulf of Mexico all I could thing bout was LAND.  As we went further and further away it quickly grew on me, like a barnacles on the bottom of a boat, … Continue reading

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