Fabulous Friends!

I want to take a moment to reflect on the many friends we’ve made as we near the one year anniversary of our adventure. It has been amazing to us how full the world is of awesome, kind, and generous people. In addition it has been even more wonderful to be able to meet and call so many friends!

One of the greatest challenges of this cruising lifestyle is having to say goodbye to friends, first the ones we left behind and then the ones we make along the way. Yet, the better lesson we’ve learned is that “goodbyes” are really just “see you laters”. We are no longer able to recount how many times we’ve bid adieu to a person thinking we would not meet again and then a week, month or several months later you hear their voice calling out in the darkness for directions to the local dinghy dock. Surprise Elad is here!  That happened just a night past and again for the 3rd time we are together in a new anchorage and new country. Last week a strangers dinghy pulled up to our boat with a friend from Isla Mujeres (plus 2 new friends, this is how friends multiply), what a joy!  And next week we will see the whole boat full of buddies in Panama City. (If you remember the blog about sailboat racing these are those friends!)

Someday I will tell the many tales of the kindnesses we’ve received from so many along the way but, for now I will post some of the pictures of those that we’re grateful to know!  Thanks to all we’ve shown in pictures here and all of you who we’ve either forgotten to photograph or didn’t have time to include here!


Isla Grande PictureLeah!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMac & JeffIngoAunt Joyce & cousins100_2821

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1 Response to Fabulous Friends!

  1. Marty R. says:

    Thanks Ruth! Is is amazing how great people are isn’t it? Hugs,Marty

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