Hello world!


What do 7 kids+2 adults+1 dog+1 cat+1boat=?

An Incredible Adventure!!!

Many friends have requested a blog so I took the leap and here is where it begins. The adventure, however, began several months ago and has been more work than fun.  We’ve bought the charts, the guidebooks, safety gear, etc.  We’ve outfitted the boat and completed many projects with a few still in progress. We’ve cancelled the phones, water, electricity, insurance, etc. We’ve almost liquidated everything we own and have one week till we blast off from Blanco, Texas to Kemah where the boat is berthed.  Then we have a week or two more of outfitting, more like fitting in, everything 9 people and 2 pets need to live aboard a 41 foot sailboat.

 I’ve realized one thing in particular thus far in this process of fulfilling a life dream: Most people never do their dream because of this first step, dealing with EVERYTHING!  I would encourage everyone to look past the obstacles to the goal and go for it!  Remember with God all things are possible and follow up with Romans 8:28, “And we know that  all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.”  Mark awoke one morning and said he felt God said it was time to go sailing, all I had to say was ok and we tested the word by moving forward in faith.  Since then God’s worked out the details rapidly from the acquisition of the boat, to the financial provision, to the capacity/ability to do everything necessary and the rest is and will continue to be an adventure of epic proportions!  This is so much bigger than us and we look forward to seeing where God takes us and what his plans are that we have yet to know.  The boat’s name is “Invincible” and we are trusting God that this is his invincible adventure for us, just as his son Jesus is Invincible for us.

Many Blessings!!!!

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25 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Sally Windham says:

    Thank you, Ruth, for your example and friendship. I miss you already and look forward to your blog updates.

  2. Emily Cox says:

    Ruth, I am so proud of you and the rest of the Hogans for persuing this life long dream of yours. And I am slightly jealous too. I will keep you all in my prayers. Your first blog post is awesome and I look forward to reading more about your adventures. Keep it up and stay safe. We love you all!

    • Pastor Phil & Connie says:

      Love you all and miss you very much! Happy Birthday Bella, first on the boat! Chase the dream!
      Pastor Phil & Connie

  3. Pastor Phil & Connie says:

    Love you all and miss you much! Happy Birthdat Bella firdt on the boat! Chase the dream!
    Pastor Phil & Connie

  4. Pastor Phil & Connie says:

    I am sure you are all very busy but I believe I am speaking for everyone, when I say, “that we thought the updates would come more often.”
    There will be hard, hard, hard days on the boat and if everyone is not convinced this is GOD’S dream for the Hogan family you will be tempted to blame one another instead of trusting GOD is at work in your lives. The blame game will not be profitable. Confirm with one another that you are convinced this is from GOD and not the imagination of man.
    We all miss you very much!
    Pastor Phil

  5. Terry Caufield says:

    I miss you all very much. Do you have a sail date yet? We might just take a little motorhome trip your way if there is time.
    Terry Caufield

  6. Terry Caufield says:

    I saw a facebook entry from Sara and was wondering if you are still in port?

  7. Rick says:

    Be safe out there, I’ll be following you (electronically now, physically later)!

  8. YEAH you have shoved off and headed for Galveston. Good Luck Hogan Family… Please keep us all updated..


  9. Rachael McGill says:

    Hi Hannah miss you so much.Hope all is well.Merry Christmas.

  10. Rex gray says:

    Hello Mark and Ruth & family,
    It was very nice to meet you last week (Winfield’s friend from Alaska). Wonderful to see you following your dreams and seeking God’s will at the same time. May you be blessed with the perfect measure of adventure and awe. Will be keeping an eye on the blog.

  11. your co workers says:

    Zocalo is anxiously awaiting your posts!

  12. Lisa Miller says:

    The Lord put your family on my heart this morning. So I will pray. Can’t wait to hear more about this incredible leap of faith! So happy for you all! We love each of you! ;). ❤

  13. Audrey Eaton says:


    I met several of your fabulous kids — Zach, Sarah, Catherine, Hannah, Tanner, and Isabella (sorry about any misspellings on those names) at the marina here in Kemah. I am so excited for you in your great adventure! I can’t wait to see where you go and all you see. We will be leaving as well in a few short years, so for now I’m living vicariously through you all!

    Fair winds,
    Audrey Eaton

  14. Dave Cochrun says:

    Mark, Ruth and family,
    Hope all is going well on your adventure. Kathy and I made it safely back to Colorado. we are looking forward to hearing your cruising stories. I am surprised nothing has been posted yet. Give the dog and cat a scratch for us (and Mr. Trouble). Smooth sailing and happy holidays!
    Dave & Kathy
    s/v Indigo Moon

  15. Jane says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and have thought about you and prayed for your safety. ‘Makes me think of Swiss Family Robinson! You have a wonderful looking family and you all seem to be united in this great adventure. Keep writing so we can travel with you!
    With love,
    Your Arkansas cousin,

    • Rick F says:

      Invincible is at offats bayou next to moody gardens in Galveston, waiting on the weather. We are anchored next to them and had them over last night. All is well with them. They hope to leave within the next week, deepening on the weather.

  16. Larry Simrell says:

    I am sooooo envious! I really thought I would beat you to the punch here but your already light years ahead of me. I got the book back that you borrowed! lmao i had forgot all about it. Thanks it brought back great memories of your families stay here with us! God bless you and your family! I hope to meet up with you someday, out there!
    Larry, Colleen, LaShea and Seth

  17. Tom Henderson says:

    I would think that the wind generator would help to keep the batteries charged on the boat. Maybe it will put out more amperage when the winds pick up.

    Hope all is going well!


  18. Maria says:

    We’re so happy for you !!! We’re hanging on the boys room each Invincible stories that you post on Blanco Newspaper as a reminder that we all need to seek for our own adventure. Love, The Olmedo’s (Joaquin, Anna, Juan, Benji, Bella, Maria and Jose)

  19. Howard & Peggy says:

    Hi Hogans, Howard & I miss all of you so much. This was our first time on a blog. We are awed at your flexibility to handle everything that pops up. Saw Roger at Jubilee Outreach’s Glory Conference last night. He said that he found The Ark. I invited him to visit sometime. Please check out this site for some good security tips for your boat: survivalblog.com/2013/01/self-defense-when-your-options-are-limited-by-lj.html We’re praying for you all the time but especially on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 AM before our Bible Study. Howard & I took the plunge and got a personal trainer. The first session made us so sore. The second session was more intense, but we were less sore. We weren’t sore after the third session, so I guess it is possible for old farts to get in shape. Howard hasn’t had a cigarette since New Years Eve! PTL! I’ve been concerned about you guys & gals being cold. Stay safe & be blessed. Flame on! Love, Howard & Peggy

  20. Charles Fairchild says:

    this is a great way to follow the adventures thanks for posting and God Bless you in your travels

  21. Barbora Cole says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I am amazed that I hadn’t heard a word about it before now, and I see our cousin, Jane, knew it!!! We have fond memories of Mark coming here on the weekends when he attended the University of Houston. We loved those weekends, and our oldest daughter, Tina, thought he was wonderful. I miss all the Hogan’s. Haven’t seen anyone since Uncle Gerald was so bad and died awhile after our visit to their home in CampWood. We took my mom and Aunt Marnell to see Aunt Eloise and Uncle Gerald. Well, I will be praying for you all now that I know what you’re up to. God bless you all.

    Love, Barbora Kay Martin Cole, your Texas cousin (originally from Arkansas)

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