Sara’s Take on Our First Gale!

WOW! We were woken up at 3:30 in the morning by gale force winds. The boat was rocking side to side, shuddering, the anchor was POPPING and the waves were splashing us. It was cool. We turned around and tracked back and forth, it was scary. I woke up and the wind was like a lion roaring in the night. The wind was whistling through the mast. I ran up to the cockpit to see what was happening and it was cold as Antarctica! I went down and laid back in bed to fall back asleep after about 20 minutes I heard the anchor popping, it was really annoying. I finally went to sleep. When I woke up AGAIN it was about 6:00 am and it was still blowing about 40 knots.  It was blowing very hard so I got a blanket and curled up in a ball in the cockpit and fell back asleep, that was nice. When I woke up again I just sat there for a little and then went down below to eat breakfast, a cinnamon raisin bagel mmmmmm yummy. When I was done I did my school and now I’m here writing. Man it has been a very EXCITING trip so far!Image

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7 Responses to Sara’s Take on Our First Gale!

  1. Tracie Boy says:

    Aww. I miss you all already. Keep up the posts

    Smooches to All even Bella. Hahah jk

  2. Dawn Marie Hinchman says:

    Lookin’ good out there! Miss you all!!!!

  3. Rex Gray says:

    Wanted to send a note of encouragement. Heard from Winfield you may have had a workout in the Gulf. You did it though. Still very impressed by your attitude and courage to step out and try something different with your family. If you’re in the bay for a bit a need transport get the surburban from Winfield. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers as work through this adventure.
    Rex gray – Winfield’s friend with surburban.

  4. jennifer lyons says:

    Sara looks so happy!!! Tell her mrs.lyons says hello and we all miss her at the middle school! Enjoy the adventure!

  5. Dave Cochrun says:

    Hey there Mark, Ruth and family + dog & cat. Haven’t heard a word here in Colorado. How goes the cruise? Where are you now? We’ll be back in the marina in a little over a month. Wishing you
    fair winds and smooth sailing. Dave & Kathy – your dock mates on s/v Indigo Moon
    p.s. How is the cat doing after its adventure under the dock?

    • Marina says:

      Hey Dave and Kath, all goes well so far. The ICW has been a great adventure and the weather, for the most part, has been beautiful! As of this moment we are in Pirates Cove, Josephine, Alabama- just across the bay from Pensacola, Fl. Are plan was to leave today, but as a problem with our steering capacity wavered, we have decided to have an emergency tiller made for us, as a safety measure!

      • Marina says:

        Oh and the cat has finally began to emerge onto the cockpit, although her timing is not always favorable. It took her two weeks to become curious enough to jump the companion way without our prodding, and since then I believe she’s enjoying the sun like never before. Unthankfully it seems when we’re tossing and turning the most, with Gale winds and what not she also become that curious little kitten, and she thinks it her duty to go up on deck and trouble shoot the situation herself. When those moments arise, it’s key for us to be on the ready to swat her away from the door!

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