Marina- The long and short of it!


Dear Cyber family, and world,
Seeing as my wonderful mother has many a thing on her mind, I have (without her permission) decided to, in a way, take over the blogging process!  Honestly she should have seen this coming when she bestowed upon me the all powerful password, therefore I claim no responsibility for what may occur.
It would be hard to catch y’all up on all we’ve done in such a short allotment of time, as I have been given for wi fi at this present interval, but starting with this morning and working backwards- as well as forwards- when time is at a leisure, is as good a place as any to begin.
The ICW has been a great adventure and the weather, for the most part, has been beautiful!  As of this moment we are in Pirates Cove, Josephine, Alabama- just across the bay from Pensacola, Fl.  Are plan was to leave today, but as a problem with our steering capacity wavered, we have decided to have an emergency tiller installed for us, as a safety measure!  In the 3 days since our arrival at this little piece of paradise we’ve encountered the care and hospitality we’ve been blessed with all along the waterway.  Our newest friend, Daniel, was kind enough to show us a tempting spot to anchor, if we ever decide to leave our current position, which is boasted to have beautiful beaches- which whom could really complain about.  This anchorage would also cut our, very long day, of motoring in half, with the weather blown cold, and the wind on our nose, it would be a much sought after median.
Though due to the issue encountered this morning, as I have mentioned previously, I know not if we will be leaving today. It is also supposed bad luck to “start a journey on a Friday,” so maybe our supposed problem is a blessing in disguise…. who knows!! 
We all send our love, and happy thoughts through the satellite system.  May your smile be forever contagious, Farewell 🙂

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2 Responses to Marina- The long and short of it!

  1. Pam Putnam says:

    Hi! keeping up w/you guys via the blog thanks to Marina! Sorry we have missed Sara’s calls. Tell her to keep trying when she can. Glad everyone is safe. God speed! Pam Putnam

  2. Sally Windham says:

    Marina- thank you for taking over the blog, at times, and as needed 🙂 Haha! I enjoy your writing and your reports! The kids all love to see the pictures (me, too, of course). We sure miss you all! It’s so exciting to read the log of your adventure! Please tell your mom the lemon tree is in bloom again. It makes me think of her every day. It was supposed to freeze last night so we brought it inside and the fragrance filled the whole family room; like the sweetness and light that fills the room when your mother is there 🙂 Please hug her for me and tell her that her friend loves her.

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