The Seahorse

On the morning of Wednesday, February 13th we weighed anchor after spending the night near Pine Island Sound, my dad discovered we had a stow away that had looped himself upon our anchor chain.  It was a rush to the bow to meet out little seahorse friend- in the frenzy a camera was almost forgotten, but remembered in a “flash” (literally), and a picture was snapped before we suffocated out new little pet of the sea.  I know not if we ever ended up naming him, but if I had it my way his christian would have been Sea Biscuit, but that’s just me.  

After tossing little ‘Sea Biscuit’ back into the waves we motored on to Sanibel Island and continued our journey towards Naples, Florida where we arrived on February 14th, what I later came to realize was Valentines day.  We spent 9 nights in Naples, maxing out our mooring time, at the city dock, though we spent more time with our family than on the boat during our stay.  But that’s a story for a later day- Farewell!


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1 Response to The Seahorse

  1. Phyllis and Jim says:

    Glad all is well with everyone, really enjoy your post! and look forward to many, many more as your journey continues… your friends in Galveston…

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